New Faculty Lunch Discussion

April 13, 2023

CORD 349
(Student Success Center)

12:30 -1:45 pm



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April 6, 2023

April 14, 2023

CORD 349
(Student Success Center)

12:00 - 1:15 pm




Metacognition and Teaching Students How to Learn

Students come to our campus at different levels of academic preparedness and motivation. If we are to teach the students we have in our classes, we need to teach them metacognitive strategies—we need to teach them to think about their thinking. Inspired by the work of Saundra Yancy McGuire, author of Teach Students How to Learn, Deb Korth and Savanah Baptiste will share the techniques Deb uses in her classes to teach students how to learn. You are encouraged to share techniques that you use, and you can expect to walk away from this luncheon with actionable strategies that can be adopted into your classroom.

Dr. Deb Korth is currently a Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean of Student Success for the Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences. She also serves as the campus liaison to the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) where she helps faculty earn micro-credentials in Effective College Teaching. In addition, she serves as the Provost’s Faculty Fellow for the General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Project. Formerly, she was the Director of the Math Resource and Teaching Center, Vice Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and Director of the Enhanced Learning Center. Her research interests include student persistence, success, general education curriculum assessment, and mathematics education. Students on campus know her as the professor for Destination Arkansas Blackboard Activities (DABA). She has been a member of the University of Arkansas community for more than twenty years.

Savanah Baptiste is a dual political science and criminology major from Austin, Texas, and part of the University of Arkansas Class of 2025. In 2021, she was a student in Dr. Korth’s University Perspectives class. The following year, she worked as a peer mentor in University Perspectives, and she is a current Student Success Liaison. Her goal after graduation is to go to law school.

The event will also be offered remotely using Zoom.


  • Deb Korth, Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean of Student Success, Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences
  • Savanah Baptiste, Student Success Liaison, Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences



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