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Free Membership

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

Faculty may sign up for a free account with NCFDD and immediately benefit from a suite of professional development webinars, courses, chats, and mentoring tools that focus on strategic planning,  explosive productivity, work-life balance, and healthy relationships.

 To claim your free membership, navigate to NCFDD and select "University of Arkansas" from the drop down list. All faculty, graduate students, and postdocs with a uark email address are eligible to enroll.


Free Access

ScholarWorks@UARK is

    • a showcase for the research, scholarship, and creative work of the University of Arkansas community
    • a partnership between the University Libraries and the Office of Research and Innovation
    • a community service on the local, national, and global levels

ScholarWorks@UARK, the institutional repository for the University of Arkansas, contains research, scholarship, and creative work produced by the university’s academic departments, research centers, faculty, staff, researchers, and students. Much of the content is open access, meaning that it is offered to users worldwide for the purpose of furthering research, scholarship, and education.

Benefits of Participating

    • Enhanced visibility, availability, and impact of your work
    • Fulfillment of open access  requirements for research sponsored by organizations and government agencies
    • Support for the University of Arkansas Open Access Policy (Academic Policy 1220.00)
    • Instantaneous measures of impact (hits and downloads, with geographic locations)



Free Journal Subscription

The Teaching Professor

Access the UA’s Group Subscription to The Teaching Professor.
Co-funded by the Teaching and Faculty Support Center, the Office of Faculty Affairs, and the University of Arkansas Libraries