About Teaching

The specific resources and support we need are often based on our teaching experience, how new we are to a specific institution, or whether we are embarking on a new method of teaching.  The resources and links below, while not exhaustive, are designed to provide multiple paths toward the goal of effective, engaging, and enriching teaching.

New to Teaching?

Teaching for the first time can be both exhilarating and bewildering.  Below are resources to answer some of the common questions asked by new teachers.

If you are a Teaching Assistant preparing for or teaching your first class, the Graduate School has developed resources to help, including the list below.

  • TA Orientation Materials
  • Classroom Management Resources
  • Pedagogy Resources
  • Work/Balance Resources

Faculty and Teaching Assistants who are in a teaching role for the first time will find helpful pedagogical and policy information in the Teaching Assistant Handbook.

New to the University of Arkansas?

For questions about policies, procedures, and teaching support at the University of Arkansas, the resources below are a good starting place.

New to Online Teaching?

If you are interested in teaching online or developing a course to be offered online, the U of A Global Campus provides training, resources, and support.

New to Technology?

On Campus Resources – supported by IT Services

Other Resources – not all of which are supported on campus

Recent Programs

Seeking New Insights, Methods, or Skills?

In addition to the ongoing programs offered by the Teaching and Faculty Support Center, these resources offer insights, trends, methods, skills, and teaching tips:

More Resources for Teaching: