About Teaching


The specific resources and support we need are often based on our teaching experience, how new we are to a specific institution, or whether we are embarking on a new method of teaching.  The resources and links below, while not exhaustive, are designed to provide multiple paths toward the goal of effective, engaging, and enriching teaching.


TIPS  provides regular posts about teaching tips from University of Arkanasas Faculty


Designing Your First Week
Getting Your Class Started


Write a Welcome a Letter

Create Your Syllabus

Tips for Learning Student's Names

Making the Most of the First Day of Class


Designing Your Course with Objectives in Mind


Align Assessments with Objectives

Improve Your Learning Objectives

Write Student Learning Objectives

Use Backward Design to Create Your Course

Use Bloom's Taxonomy to Write Your Learning Objectives

Helping Your Students Engage with the Material


Use These Active Engagement Techniques

Use the Jigsaw Technique to Encourage Peer Teaching 

Employ Quick Write for Student Reflection

Ask Students to "Translate That" and Restate Their Learning to Another

Ask  Student to List the Top Three to Five Main Points Using a Lecture Wrapper

Connect Students to Current Events Using a Contemporary issued Journal

Encourage Reading with an Active Reading Document

Have Students Share With Other Students What They Learned

Put Students in Groups to Think-Pair-Share

Use Active Learning Techniques

Reciprocal Learning Strategy-Have Them Teach Each Other

Ask Students to Write About Insights, Resources, and Applications

 Keep Students Engaged (to include the back of the room)

Have Students Create Mental Images When Reading Texts-Mind's Eye Strategy

Use Discussion as a Way of Teaching 

Manage Hot Moments in the Classroom

Assessing Your Students
How to Tell If Your Students Are Learning


Create Grading and Performance Rubrics 

Know Your Terms and When to Use: Holistic, Analytic, and Single-Point Rubrics

Helping Students Think About Their Learning


Assign a Post-Test Analysis
Helps students  develop greater awareness of test preparing and test-taking skills. 

Teaching for Inclusion 


Read the Guide for Inclusive Teaching

Stereotype Threat, How it Affects Us and What We Can Do About It -Video- Claude Steele


Overcoming Communication Apprehension
Because Teachers Get Nervous Too


Overcome Communication Apprehension by Hacking Your Brain

Overcome Communication Apprehension by Hacking Your Body


Getting the Technology Support You Need 


Help with Technology: Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical Support Team at the University of Arkansas


Attending Teaching Conferences 


Lily Conferences: Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

The Teaching Professor Conference