New Faculty Orientation

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Resources Offered by
Teaching and Faculty Support Center



New Faculty Orientation Slides and Handouts

Teaching Grants

Teaching Camp

Teaching Awards

Faculty Learning and Enrichment Programs

Fast Five a Newsletter for First Year Faculty

Free Membership and Journal Access

New Faculty Commendation

This is How to Put Your Teaching Center Event Attendance into Faculty Information Systems (The UA Faculty Reporting/Evaluation System)


Resources and Policies You Need
to Know as a  Faculty Member


Academic Calendar

Academic Integrity Policy

Things to know:

1. It is your obligation to turn in any violation of the integrity policy. 

2. A committee will investigate and determine how to proceed. 

3. Students accumulate points based on the severity of the violation. 

Academic Policies

Faculty Handbook

Help with Technology from Blackboards to Zoom, Email to Clickers. 

University Libraries

University of Arkansas Museum


Sign up for a free membership to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
Free training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00

Resources to Help You with Technology


Tips: Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical Support

A one stop shop for all technology help. Many of these technical specialists are also teachers so they know how to leverage the technical resources for teaching.  They are  academic technology and teaching support.  Their goal is to collaborate across campus in order to promote faculty development and enhance student success.

Check out their events calendar for upcoming programs


Blackboard is the learning management system. This is where you can put materials for students to access. For example, your syllabus, quizzes, homework, discussion boards. 

IT Help Desk
479-575-HELP (4357)

After Hours Support
To alert technical staff that Blackboard Learn is not responding, call 479-575-2904.

UA Connect

UA Connect is the program used for student records. This is where you will find your class roster, your grade roster, and your advisees. 

UA Connect Faculty Help

UA Connect Training Workshops



Resources for International Faculty


Resources for international faculty


Resources to Help You Get Settled Into
the University of Arkansas Community

Campus Map 


Retirement, health insurance, and much more. 
Watch these videos to understand benefits available for you. 

New employee orientation sign up

Other Benefits: Discounts, legal protection, tuition benefits, travel assistance. 


Childcare Located on Campus

Jean Tyson Child Development Center
924 West Douglas Street, University of Arkansas. 479-575-7482

Counseling for Faculty

Employee Assistance Programs
No cost counseling

Discounts for UA Employees

Cell service, rental cars, hotels, and more

Fine Arts on Campus

See a Play! Department of Theater
Hear a Concert! Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall
Experience the Arts! Faulkner Performing Art Center

Healthcare on Campus

Pat Walker Health Center
525 N. Garland Avenue, University of Arkansas. 479-575-4451 

University of Arkansas Speech and Hearing Clinic
606 N. Razorback Rd., University of Arkansas.  479-575-4509

Human Resources

Human Resources
222 Administration Building

Identification Card

Campus Card Office
435 N. Garland Ave #427 (Located in the Student Union Room  427).  479-575-7563

Keys for Offices and Labs

Procedures to order keys.  479-575-2255


Nursing Stations

Nursing Stations on Campus / Lactation Rooms


Parking on Campus and Taking the Bus

Transit and Parking Office
155 Razorback Road, University of Arkansas.  479-575-PARK (7275), 479-575-RIDE (7433)


Professional Photo for Website and News Items

University Relations Office
These photos will be used on department websites and for news articles
Sign up form to have a professional photo available Tues/Wed 10-12 

Recreational Resources

Gym membership, fitness classes, equipment checkout
University Recreation Resources

A to Z- A complete list of UA program services


Sign Up to Take the Chancellor's Bus Tour

Chancellor's Bus Tour
Get to know Arkansas and what makes it unique. 

Tickets to Athletic Events

Arkansas Razorback Tickets

Training Programs

Employee Development Program
Many different programs are available to help you: 
Gender bias, emergency preparedness, diversity, equity and inclusion, using the webpage program, committing to fitness. 

 Resources to Help Your Students


Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Support for Students

Center for Learning and Student Success
Tutoring and Workshops.

Student Support Services
Assistance for first-generation college students, income-eligible students and disabled students 

Center for Education Access
Resources for Students with disabilities.
209 Arkansas Union, University of Arkansas. 479-575-3104

Things to know:
1.  When the CEA emails you a letter that a student has an accommodation, you need to email the student
letting them know you have the request
2. There is a faculty portal where you can see all the requests in one place.
3. You should never ask a student about their condition only the accommodation they need. 


Math Resource and Tutoring Center
Tutors, computers and a quiet place to study for all university math students.

Pat Walker Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services

Mental health resources and counseling for students

University of Arkansas Speech and Hearing Clinic
606 N. Razorback Rd., University of Arkansas.  479-575-4509

Spring International Language Center
Resources for international students

Study Abroad
UA Study abroad programs, Rome Center, and Partner Programs

Testing Services
Testing, scoring and assessment services for major nationally recognized tests such as the ACT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT.

UA Cares
Refer students who are distressed or getting behind academically. 


Resources to Help You with Your Research


Research and Innovation Sponsored Programs

The University of Arkansas Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) assists investigators with the process of finding funding sources, submitting proposals, and managing awards. OSP provides guidance to faculty and students in preparing proposals and expending awards in accordance with the regulations of federal and state governments and other funding agencies.  (479) 575-3845

Funding and Faculty Development for Research

University Libraries


Tips to New Faculty from Not-So-New Faculty


      1. Learn from our colleagues and adapt their great ideas to your class.
      2. Evaluate yourself on the topic of teaching so that you recognize “good” ideas.
      3. Attend Teaching and Faculty Support Center Programs.
      4. Never forget why you got into this in the first place.
      5. Keep your passion for your discipline fervent, and make it central to your teaching.
      6. Bring to the classroom a fine balance of expertise and enthusiasm.
      7. Get as much training as possible in teaching techniques as early in your career as possible.
      8. Model what you liked in your own teachers; Avoid what you disliked in your own teachers; Learn from these positive and negative examples to develop your own teaching style.
      9. Take a simple approach to teaching:
          1.  Define reasonable learning objectives.
          2.  Teach to those objectives.
          3.  Test fairly to those objectives.
          4. Treat the students with respect – they will do likewise to you.
          5. Always remember that every day in class, you always have a new chance to do something positive and affirmative.
      10. Take time to learn the “system” and “culture” you have joined, before you try to “fix” every problem in your Department: i.e.: Build strong collegial relationships to be most effective.
      11. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up, and allow your students and yourself to enjoy your classes.
      12. Discuss your teaching with your colleagues and always keep an open mind about new ways of doing things.
      13. Ask your colleagues to show you their teaching methods and talk about what you do in class with your colleagues.
      14. Prepare lessons/lectures to be clear and interesting, and do not take it personally if the students choose not to learn. At some point, motivation is the students’ responsibility.
      15. Do not play “hide the ball.” Err on the side of giving your students too much help to prepare for assessment. They don’t know as much as you know.
      16. Have fun with teaching and interacting with students.
      17. Sign up for Teaching Camp (it happens inAugust!
      18. Stay in touch with “pop culture.” Know what your students are hearing and watching. It helps with examples.
      19. Remember how you felt as a freshman.