Recommended Syllabus Additions

Academic Integrity—Academic Honesty

All faculty are encouraged by the Provost to include the recommended Academic Honesty Syllabus Statement on every course syllabus. The statement can be found on the Provost’s website, along with the full Academic Integrity Policy. It is important for faculty to be able to provide students with answers about their questions related to academic honesty, as well as providing very specific application of the policy for assignments in their courses. For guidance, faculty are encouraged to study the sanction rubric, as well as answers to "what if?" questions.

Emergency Preparedness

The University of Arkansas is prepared for a wide range of emergencies. Many types of emergencies can occur on campus; instructions for specific emergencies such as severe weather, active shooter, or fire can be found at  See also: Emergency Procedures.

Inclement Weather

Each faculty member should include an inclement weather policy and plan on the course syllabus. The campus has an inclement weather policy (link below), though faculty are encouraged to augment the policy to meet any unique needs of courses or students. In general, students need to know how and when they will be notified in the event that class is cancelled for weather-related reasons.


The University of Arkansas has a campus-wide alert system for any hazardous conditions that may arise on campus. To learn more and to sign up:

Academic Support

A complete list and brief description of academic support programs can be found on the University’s Academic Support site, along with links to the specific services, hours, and locations. Faculty are encouraged to be familiar with these programs and to assist students with finding and using the support services that will help them be successful.